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SoundCloud Downloader - SoundCloud to MP3

Paste link of track or playlist and press "Download" button

How to Download Songs or Playlist from Soundcloud

Here 3 Easy ways to download songs from Soundcloud for free with Soundcloudify:

Step 1. Go to the official website Soundcloud and copy link of track or playlist

Amazing Soundcloud Downloader – Soundcloud to MP3

Step 2. Paste link in the field and press button "Download"

Amazing Soundcloud Downloader – Soundcloud to MP3

Step 3. Now you can download song from Soundcloud for free or listen it online

Amazing Soundcloud Downloader – Soundcloud to MP3

What is Soundcloudify?

SoundCloudify - is a free online Soundcloud downloader to help you convert any link to MP3 in 64, 128, 256 or 320kbps. Soundcloud downloader don't convert bitrate, but allow you to convert link of SoundCloud to MP3. You can get as a single track as download playlist from SoundCloud

Soundcloudify don't sell any music and don't store or distribute music. Some music you can directly download from Soundcloud, but many music you cann't download because the download button is hidden. So Soundcloud Downloader help you to get any MP3 or playlist.


SoundCloud is an online platform and a website to distribute digitized audio information (for instance, musical compositions) with the features of a social network and also the same-name company.

Work on the SoundCloud project was started in 2006 in Stockholm, but the company was registered in Berlin in August 2007. The founders of SoundCloud were sound designer Alex Ljung and musician Eric Wahlforss. The website was officially launched in October 2008.

Just in a couple of months after the launch, SoundCloud became the main competitor of dominating (by that time) MySpace as the platform to distribute music, allowing for more effective interaction between musicians and their fans. According to experts, the hasty growth of the service was facilitated by very early attention from big-name labels and popular singers.

Initially, it was intended to create a site that would allow musicians to share tracks with each other, but later on, the SoundCloud project was transformed into a full-fledged music distribution channel

Very soon, the Soundcloud service formed an interesting community of independent musicians around it, and its catalog was quickly filled with unique and thrilling content. Which is why, it is hardly surprising that just in several years after the start, SoundCloud boasted over 10 million subscribers. Currently, there are nearly 175 million people using the services of SoundCloud every month.

The Story behind SoundCloudify SoundCloud Downloader

As the popularity of SoundCloud was rapidly growing and the number of active listeners was ever-increasing, over time, a necessity arose for having the opportunity to download songs from SoundCloud. Though SoundCloud provides an API, allowing third-party apps to upload and download sound files in formats of AIFF, WAVE (WAV), FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA up to 5 GB in size, users still are not able to download most tracks and playlists directly through SoundCloud.

SoundCloudify SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader was created in 2013. It became a simple and easy-to-use solution for downloading absolutely any music from SoundCloud with just a few mouse clicks.

Which browsers support SoundCloudify SoundCloud Downloader?

As for today, SoundCloudify SoundCloud Downloader supports all known modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. This means that you can download tracks from SoundCloud via your favorite browser directly on your PC and listen to music offline.

How can I download songs from SoundCloud on iPad or iPhone?

This is, probably, the most frequently asked question which we get from our users who want to download SoundCloud to MP3 on their devices. The matter is, iOS is a well-protected system, and the whole file management is processed via iTunes or the third-party software on your PC such as iMazing. A browser solution cannot download music directly from SoundCloud on your iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, there is another solution like SoundCloud Downloader which can help you with this problem.

In order to get SoundCloud to MP3, all you need to do is just to download all the desired music on your laptop or PC and then send all this music to your device by managing your smartphone via iTunes.

How can I download songs from SoundCloud on Android?

The point is that up to date, there is a great variety of smartphones powered by Android. Therefore, we physically cannot test every model running on this OS. But we know that, unlike the iOS system, the Android file management system is not so strict. Therefore, on some Android devices, you can obtain SoundCloud to MP3 directly on your smartphone or tablet. In other cases, if you cannot download music directly from SoundCloudify, you will have to download all the desired music on your PC or tablet and then transfer this music from your PC to your mobile device.

SoundCloudify Features

We are fully committed to making SoundCloud Downloader simple and convenient. That is why we can be proud of these features which SoundCloudify offers for today:

#1. Absolutely free. SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader gives you the opportunity to download songs from SoundCloud free-of-charge, absolutely.

#2. Unlimited downloads. You can download your favorite songs from SoundCloud anywhere and as much as you want.

#3. An ability to download individual tracks and playlists. Our SoundCloud Downloader provides for downloading whole playlists as well. Advanced technologies make it possible to download even heavy playlists through our SoundCloud.

#4. Super Fast The SoundCloud servers work extremely quickly, which is why you have the maximal download rate with our SoundCloud Downloader.

#5. Support of all existing modern browsers. As it was already mentioned above, SoundCloud supports all present-day browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

#6. Security. Our SoundCloud downloader utilizes a secure https protocol that is why all users’ data is completely encrypted.

#7. No registration required. You do not need any authorization with the SoundCloud or SoundCloudify websites to download SoundCloud to MP3. All you need is just a direct link to the song or the playlist.

#8. You do not need any third-party software or browser extension. SoundCloudify allows for downloading songs from SoundCloud in mere seconds without installing additional plug-ins or programs.

#9. The SoundCoudify player on the download page. There is a player on the download page so that users can listen to the desired song or the playlist once again before downloading it through SoundCloud to MP3.

Can I use SoundCloudify as SoundCloud Converter?

Real music lovers want to convert SoundCloud to MP3 to 320kbps. The thing is that there is no such a SoundCloud Downloader that could convert bitrate from SoundCloud. Everything we can do is to convert the link to the SoundCloud song in MP3. You will get the same bitrate in which the song was uploaded on the SoundCloud server.

If you want to increase the song’s bitrate, you can avail yourself of special online MP3 converters or some third-party software.

Is it legal to download songs with the help of SoundCloud Downloader?

SoundCloudify is a platform that does not store music on its servers. We do not sell music from SoundCloud and we are not distributors or partners of the SoundCloud Company. This online service allows users to gain access to a SoundCloud song a download it directly. SoundCloudify SoundCloud Downloader serves as a mediator between SoundCloud and the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Where are the songs downloaded to when using your SoundCloud Downloader?

Answer: It is the second most common questions after the inquiries about downloading SoundCloud to MP3. In general settings of your browser, there is a folder path. By default, it is usually a Downloads folder. In order to find out where the song from SoundCloud was downloaded to, you need to open Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers and press Ctr+J buttons. This combination will open a pop-up menu of your recent downloads.

#2. Can I download playlists from SoundCloud?

Answer: Yes, surely, we afford an opportunity to download both individual songs and whole playlists with the help of SoundCloudify SoundCloud Downloader. Everything you need is to paste the link to the playlist to the download field and press the “Download” button.

#3. Do you sell songs or store them on your servers?

Answer: No, we neither sell nor store the songs on our servers. All we do is helping our users to directly convert SoundCloud to MP3. Our Soundcloud Downloader directly takes the music from SoundCloud CDN servers.

#4.Do you collect users’ information?

Answer: No, we do not have a user database because we do not ask our visitors to register on the SoundCloudify site. You can download SoundCloud to MP3 without registration.

#5. Have you Chrome Extension or Firefox Extension?

Answer: No, but it is coming soon.

#6. I would like to download music on my iPhone or Android device, can Soundcloud downloader do it?

Answer: You can directly download songs from Soundcloud downloader to Android but not on iPhone. IOS devices have a protection. So you can download music from Soundcloud on PC and then on iPhone or iPad.

#7. I pasted hashtag ex. #rap but nothing was changed, what did I do wrong?

Answer: We support only links of single tracks or playlists